Introducing you to the Order of Polly

I started writing a couple of short stories under the 1K Challenge. That is, writing a coherent, fully realised story in 1,000(ish) words. I’ve since taken a wobbly approach to being close to 1K, but I’ve found it works really well. It’s enough time to provide a situation or a conversation so that something meaningful happens, but short enough that if you want to just read something quickly before moving on you totally can. It’s win/win!

Anyhow, the first few short stories I did were centred around a university (I like to think that it’s vague enough that when it gets commissioned by Channel 4 to be a hit new series, it can be done wherever is best. I’ll let my location consultant handle that one. Where was I?) student called Polly. She was interesting to write about because at the time, it was mostly reflecting on what was going on in my world. Since writing the first short in her universe in the summer of 2010, Polly’s gone on to develop actual characteristics that means she isn’t just a thinly veiled copy of myself. The thing is, I got a bit carried away.

So when I got over the thing that prompted me to write in the first place, I ended up having a bit more fun with it than I anticipated. I tried writing some other things (mostly sci-fi and high fantasy) but I encountered two problems. The first was that due to my insane personal criticism, I found these to be hilariously awful (although, I think they were regardless of my own view). The second was that I had grown attached to Polly’s world, despite writing not too much on it. The result was that I kept starting other things but coming back to Polly.

What started as an attempt to deal with a personal situation ended up becoming an exploration of these characters and just seeing what would happen if I made them interact. That sounds really stupid in a “Well DUH!” kind of way, but I find simplicity is often the best way to approach something.

At time of publishing this, I’m about 16,000 words into her universe, much to a select few friends’ approval! Now the time has come though to let everyone into this universe. If you want to though. I won’t force you. That would be mean.

…but if you do, you can start here.

If, for whatever reason, you’d like to read more but maybe won’t have access to the internet for long or want to have a more intimate relationship with my wordage, now you can! Through the power of the internet, you can click here (left click will save to your default download location, but you can always right click and select where you want to save it to) to get the full up-to-date collection downloaded straight to your computer/laptop/other internet accessing thing desktop! Cor, crikey and fancy that! Act now to avoid some sort of obtuse disappointment down the line!


About thejgman

I am a person and do persony things! Favourite things include Mars bars, video games and, surprisingly, writing. I'm a graduate in Cultural Studies, with a focus towards all things digital and technological.
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