Short: So That’s What You Are

[This is the eleventh short in the Order of Polly. To start from the beginning, you can click this! If you want to read more about the series, you can do here!]

“I ju…I just don’t really understand the situation. I don’t know what to do. I mean it’s obvious, isn’t it? Exactly what I should do, but I’m not going to. I’m not going to let her win. It’s what she wants. I don’t care if it solves the situation, I refuse. No way in a cold hell.” Polly slammed her clenched fist down onto the railing, before slightly recoiling from injuring it a bit.
“Yeah, but what’s one loss? Who cares if you lose one argument? You’ll be moving out soon enough, yeah, you won’t need to live with her. “ Jan took a puff from her cigarette, then cooly exhaled away from Polly. “I mean look at that girl.” Jan used her cigarette to point towards the girl with long, curly dark hair and a deteriorating black leather jacket that was clearly well loved. “She doesn’t look like the kind of girl who spends more than twenty seconds on a decision like this. Yeah, just bite the bullet.” Another puff.
“I don’t see what she has to do with anything, Jan.” Polly looked at her with an unflinching gaze, right up until the girl looked at her. The stare back was disconcerting. That short, piercing gaze from someone you feel like you’ve been avoiding. Polly quickly looked away, but the damage was done. Polly gestured to Jan who looked on too obviously. She snapped back to Polly with another puff then put the cigarette out. “She’s coming over. Jan, can’t we wait inside?” Polly grabbed onto Jan’s arm and tried to pull her away, but she stayed her ground.
“No, we said we’d wait for Lucy here, so we’re waiting, yeah? Besides, she’s coming over now. It’d look weird.” Polly and Jan tried to look like they were in the middle of a conversation. It was unsuccessful. The leather jacket girl approached, leaning towards Polly.
“Hi, so…this is incredibly weird, but have we met? I’m sure we’ve met!” Surprisingly, she was upbeat and despite her pointing finger, seemed polite.
“Hey. I, umm, don’t think so? What course do you do?” Polly was incredibly confused.
“Geography. I don’t think I’ve seen you around in that though.”
“No, I don’t do it. That’s probably why!” Polly tried to start up a laugh to ease the situation, but it was already comfortable, now it was just a tad weird.
“Heh, well I know I’ve seen you somewhere. Oh, stupid silly me! What’s your name hun?” She put her right arm on her side and whilst maintaining a smiley, welcoming face, had the posture of someone who was dominating the situation.
“Polly. Polly Danton?” There was a curious confidence. It wasn’t to last.
“Oh, that name rings a…oh! Ohhhh shit. Well, this is a bit awkward, isn’t it?” And with her realisation, a faint ring of “Mel!” came from inside, getting louder as a guy made his way through the smoking crowd.
“Errm, sorry? Jan, I think we should go now.” Polly grabbed Jan and tried to move, but as they were pushing through Lucy turned up and stopped them.
“Guys! Where ya off to?” Lucy appeared, all smiley and ignorant to the approaching hellish storm. “What’s up with all the glum faces guys? Introduce me!” She reached out to Mel with a hand and was placed in that bizarre situation of being looked at like she had just offended the pope.
“Ahhhh, man! This is fantastic! So you’re the crazy bitch John was on about! Haha! Wow, well, okay! So…how you doing? How’s life? Good? Still crazy? I hope so. That would be funny!” Mel had both her hands on her sides now and suddenly seemed to tower over Polly, Jan and Lucy. John finally broke through the crowd and got to Mel.
“Err, Mel, can we go…oh.” His smile rapidly decreased in strength. This was going to be fun.
“Crazy? What do you mean crazy?” Polly looked insistently at Mel, although did little to hide her shaking.
“Don’t you remember? Seriously! It was only a couple of years ago. I’m sure your memory isn’t that bad!” Mel’s gaze was fixated on Polly’s eyes. Polly’s entire vision seemed to be occupied by a devilish smile that was winning whatever battle was occurring. Lucy and Jan looked at each other for a moment, but it was when Lucy realised that John was John that it all came together.
“Ohhhh, almighty fuck.” Yet, the only person who heard it was Jan, who was absolutely clueless about the entire situation and realised the solution was another cigarette.
“What the hell are you on about? I don’t even know you and you come over here and start causing a fuss!” Polly closed her eyes, masking the fire that was building. Before Mel could even spit out her next syllable, Polly went on the offensive. She was unleashed. “Who the fuck do you think you are? You speak as if you were here, as if you were him, but you’re not. You weren’t. Whatever he told you was spun to his own ends. He told you what you wanted to hear. You wanted a story? You got a fucking story! Look at him! Even now, he hides behind you. Cowering like the lying piece of shit he is.” Lucy tried to put her hand on Polly’s arm, but she shrugged it off.
“Ooh, crazy girl’s got a bit of a bite to her. Fair enough. I mean, this is really just a simple miss-understanding.” Mel was obviously unfazed. Lucy and Jan were stunned into silence. “Here’s a piece of advice, darling. Try not to fall in love with any boy who will talk to you for more than a minute. It’ll only end in heartbreak for you. Bless you though, you clearly do try!”
“You are one hell of a bitch, fuck you!” It didn’t look as if there was much stopping Polly from reaching out and slapping Mel, but by now there was a crowd forming around the group which in turn had got attention from the bouncers. Still, Mel stood there resolutely, with John having no impetus to speak up.
“Okay, Polly, we’re out. Mel, I have no idea who you are, but that wasn’t necessary. Come on guys.” Lucy and Jan tried to pull Polly away, only to find they had assistance from a bouncer. Polly shrugged the three of them off and headed sharply to the exit.
“Err, Mel, that really wasn’t necessary.” John quietly informed his girlfriend.
“Oh, shush. It’s fine. She got the point.” Mel put her arm round John and directed them back inside. Jan turned to Lucy and shrugged.
“What the hell was that about, Lucy? That was not cool, yeah.”
“I’ll explain later. Come on, let’s catch up to Polly before she does something stupid.”

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