Short: Fisticuffs At Night

[This is the thirteenth short in the Order of Polly. To start from the beginning, you can click this! If you want to read more about the series, you can do here!]

“You sure you want to go out again so soon after that little incident, Pol?”
“I think I’ll be alright Soph, thanks.”
“It’s going to be all of us, you know? That includes…”
“Yeah, me and Nola’ll be fine. I swear.”

The residents of number 25 glammed up and headed to the club that evening under the desire of fun. The walk was tense. Sophie, Danny and Emmie were all very aware of Polly and Nola, who were both very aware of each other and demonstrating this by walking as far apart as possible. Emmie got Polly to talk to, whilst Nola had Sophie and Danny’s awkward company. Still, after twenty-five minutes of walking and only one stumble due to the wearing of high-heels, they joined the queue and commenced in another fifteen minutes of talking about the queue, all very aware of the elephant standing right next to them, so much so it was probably seen by everyone else in the line.

Through some uncalculated and utterly terrifying arrangement, Nola and Polly ended up standing next to each other at the bar some while later. How any of the other three let this happen, it was never to be realised. Then the talking commenced.
“So, it’s, errm…very…” Polly kept her stare deadly forward towards a wall with a spotlight infrequently visiting it.
“Shut up.” Nola drank up and started scouring the room to see if there was any suitable out. Polly was tempted to speak up, but she kept her mouth closed for the following two hundred and seven seconds. In the meanwhile, a wolf pack spotted the two girls. After a quick deliberation, two decided they would be each other’s covers as they attempted their swooping movement. One was middling in height, with bright green eyes, light hair swept to the side. The other was taller, much better looking, blue eyes and short dark hair. Acknowledging Polly’s fixation on her wall and Nola’s obvious realisation that at least something might happen, even if it was a different kind of awkward, they saddled up.

“What are a couple of hotties like you doing alone, huh?” The short one confidently broke out a clearly pre-baked line. Polly frowned, out of view, whilst Nola just rolled her eyes with a head tilt.
“What my mate is getting at is that both of your drinks are empty. What can we get you?” The taller one was obviously the one more adept at handling girls in the wild. This was his territory for sure.
“How about a pint of piss off?” Polly muttered under her breath, making herself smirk, but all still out of view. Nola, on the other hand, went along with it. Possibly to annoy Polly, possibly because she saw it as a good opportunity to get a drink out of it.
“You can get me some Baileys.” She pushed herself back onto the bar, barely containing her contempt. The tall one began to address Polly, but she noticed and anticipated it.
“Rum and coke. Double.” She leant back against the bar, in much the same way as Nola. Taking a closer look, these certainly were good looking guys, but with Andy, there was going to be nothing going on here. It wasn’t one of those evenings for her.
“Nice. Name’s Jack. Short work here is Ben.” He leaned in for a kiss on the cheek, but Nola turned her face and denied him. Ben tried on Polly, much to the same result. Unfortunately for Nola and Polly, these two were the ones who sussed out that they were the stubborn type, but they were the ones they most enjoyed breaking. After taking a few sips from all of their drinks and Polly and Nola offering their names, the charm offensive began again.
“So, I bet you like it rough eh, Nola?” Jack joked, but remaining cock-sure. Nola laughed before playing the game.
“Sure, why not? Bet you cannot even keep up with me. I’m wild!” She jabbed Polly in the side, clueing her in to whatever plot she was scheming.
“See, I knew it! You’re the type of girls who like it a little bit more raw, you get me!” Ben jumped in with a similar amount of confidence that would likely work on a girl less committed to defence.
“Well yes. The last time I had it that rough, we ended up on the floor.” Polly paused, took a sip, then continued. “And we continued. A few bruises, but all good fun, right? Heh, was for me. I think he was struggling after the second hour.” Jack and Ben looked at each other and laughed. They had seemingly struck gold. They were completely clueless.
“I think we should go somewhere a little more quiet. I mean, we can get to the chase, right? You’re both up for it and we’re happy to help tonight.” Jack brushed back his hair, intending to show off his muscles, despite believing it was a done deal, although even he did think this was going a bit too easily.
“Yeah. “ Nola turned to Polly, they both nodded, and Nola proceeded. “What we actually meant is that you two are some of the most clueless guys we have ever had the misfortune to meet. No, we’re not sleeping with you. No, you cannot ‘cop a feel’. No, you’re not getting a quick snog out of us. You’re both useless, vile and quite frankly, a little bit pathetic. You do a disservice to your kin who, with little effort, manage to be more impressive than the combined intelligence of your little wank-circle over there. I suggest you return to it.” Behind her back, Nola opened up her palm and the two girls were able to give a low-five without being detected.
“Woah. We bought you drinks and you were the ones who played us! Hey, Polly, keep your friend down, okay? Just because she hasn’t had some in a while, doesn’t mean that you can’t ge-“ and he was abruptly cut off by a sharp slap to the face by Polly’s left hand.
“I think you should go now and consider why you only get one night stands and nowhere near as often as you make it out to be to your mates.” Polly stood up straight, easily meeting eye level with Jack.
“You’re both fucking mental. C’mon Jack, let’s stop wasting our time with these cows.” They walked away whilst Nola and Polly clinked their glasses. It was a simple act and maybe they weren’t entirely innocent, but the two girls had realised they were far, far better working together than apart. The walk back that evening was far from awkward. Their argument, clearly based on nothing meaningful anyhow, was replaced with the fact that they were still good friends and that was how it should be.

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