Short: Summer in the Park

“Ha, I was clearly passing to you.” She waved with her racket at the friend whose incessant message checking was interrupted by a tennis ball that gently rolled up to and stopped by her sandled foot. She picked it up uncertainly with her left hand, her right still busy trying to key in a message to whoever. The ball limply cut through the air and bounced over the head of the other person on the other side of the court who was wrapped in appropriate garb and the only one taking it seriously. They flicked their racket and with seeming magic the ball made its way into the air ready to be served up. “Alright Suz, remember, you want to try and hit the ball this time like you actually want to!”

A grin came across his face as he saw the three of them in the court before his mind returned to matters at hand. There was a constant back-and-forth up there. He became aware once more of the sweat that seemed to be a layer of clothing; he couldn’t tell if it was the uncharacteristically generous sunshine or the ring in his pocket. He had put it in there so he didn’t have to go and retrieve it, but he didn’t know when during the day he’d ask him. So they sat there, enjoying each other’s company and the ice-cream they had until he realised that half of it had slipped onto the floor in the brief moments he’d been thinking.

“Wa-woof! Woo-oof!” His owner thought he needed water and granted he did, but he tried his best to articulate his barks as to say “Look, ice-cream, on the floor!!” Instead he was pat on his head and rubbed on his back. He wasn’t being led in the direction of the fallen ice-cream, but it was hard to argue with a good pat and a good rub. “Wuuurrrrrf.” He looked up at his loving owner and then carried on looking forward. “Woof!” Alert, owner, squirrel ahead! “Woof-woof!” Let me clear the way so our path out the park is clear. His owner didn’t understand, but the squirrel scampered away as quickly as it had appeared. “Woof!” You were lucky this time, squirrel! He quietened down soon after and happily followed his owner out the gates and onto the main road.


About thejgman

I am a person and do persony things! Favourite things include Mars bars, video games and, surprisingly, writing. I'm a graduate in Cultural Studies, with a focus towards all things digital and technological.
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