Hello there, weary traveller. You have found your way to my humble blog. It is, as you are likely aware, one of many. Many thousands. Probably millions. Wow, that’s a lot of blogs. Huh. Well, there you go. Nevermind though, eh? You’re here now, so that’s the thing!

So, why this blog? I’m quite a keen creative writer and thought that it was about time I put my words up where the world can easily see them – lost amongst the epic sea of blogs out there. It made sense at the time, I swear. At the same time, I may dabble into a bit of uncreativite writing, some non-fiction (if you will).

And for those who do not know me, here’s a little about me:

Hello. Oh, done that part.

In the real world, my name is Joel Goodman. I’m quite fond of the name and have, I think, rightfully decided to keep it as it is since my quite important birth in 1989. I’m not saying my birth was important (well, maybe not for you) but that for this to be here, it was. I guess that’s context sensitive, right? I’ve enjoyed the British education system, particularly a few locations in north London where I live and have since become a graduate in Cultural Studies (don’t ask, it’s just quicker to Google it and get a more concise answer!).

For a bit more flavour, my music of choice is rock (Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age) and a few things here and there (Goldfrapp, KT Tunstall, Metric). My favourite game is Sonic the Hedgehog 2, I think that Super Mario Bros. 3 is better than World (I was one of those lucky people who grew up in a Nintendo and Sega household) and my platform of choice is PC. Favourite films include Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World, The Incredibles (best Pixar film!) and Die Hard. Mostly a sci-fi guy when it comes to TV, with Futurama taking the lead, Breaking Bad, Mad Men, Chuck and Farscape all hovering somewhere near the top too.

I guess that’s about it! If you’re reading this by just scrolling to the bottom, you’ve missed my recipe for kick ass cup cakes. Sorry about that. For those who have read it all, I’m glad you know the truth about said cup cakes.

Game review stuff: When reviewing a game, please note that if it is a PC game (which it likely will be) unless stated all the screenshots will have been taken by myself. So that you have an idea of what I’m running on, here are my rough specs: Quad-core 3.4ghz CPU, AMD 6850 1GB VRAM, 4GB ram and 1TB hard-drive.


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